communication system for educational institutions

Photo Equinoxe
High-efficiency and easy to install

Everything you need in a single system

Designed to assist school administrative teams with their management and communication tasks, Equinoxe combines reliability and ease of operation to ensure consistent, superior performance. Its adaptable, easy-to-install design makes it an essential tool for any school.

A powerful system with excellent audio delivery that is adapted to the needs of educational institutions

  • Extended networking using optical fibre
  • Three digital settings for sound levels per class item
  • Connection to existing wiring in almost every case
  • System synchronisation via NTP licence

Modular system that meets your precise needs

  • Modular system that meets your precise needs
  • Modular systems that can be adapted to customer needs
  • Can carry up to eight simultaneous conversations
  • Synchronized digital clocks available
  • Fibre optic campus area network

Our Softwares for the Equinoxe serie

Management Software 500-600

Software Adapted to residences and schools

  • Software that allows staff to make small changes on Équinoxe-II and Équimed-II systems, both locally and remotely.
  • The most commonly used features are:
    • Turning on music;
    • Programming chimes;
    • Events calendar that can be automatically activated or deactivated;
    • Changing or updating chime melodies;
  • The display language may be changed to English or French at any time.
  • Software can be protected with a password.
  • Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

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