medical emergency communication system

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Two-way communication system

For every resident’s safety and well-being

Designed to assist care-giving professionals and residents, Equimed is an efficient, reliable and user-friendly system that is practical and easy to install. It instantaneously transmits emergency calls to local pagers while its two-way communication feature gives the care team the power to maintain an uninterrupted conversation with the resident throughout the response process. Moreover, its modular and adaptable design makes it the perfect choice for senior’s residences that are responsible for ensuring the constant security of their facilities.

Two-way communication: for rapid handling of an emergency situation

The Équimed system is a monitoring and management tool designed specifically for senior’s residences. Efficient, reliable and user-friendly, this two-way communication system is an aid for health-care staff to help them ensure their residents’ safety.

Thanks to its archiving software, the Équimed system can generate comprehensive reports and usage records. All data is saved in a non-volatile and unalterable memory.

  • Fully-supervised system
  • Modular design that adapts according to the customer’s needs
  • Connection to analog and IP telephone networks
  • Instantaneous call transmission to local pagers
  • Extended networking using optical fibre